Macademia Nut Pen

Macadamia Nut Wood Pen

About Macadamia Nut Wood:
Macadamia Nut is native to eastern Australia, but is also grown in Hawaii and other tropical climates. The colors of this wood range from a pale pink to a reddish brown and tend to darken over time. Large rays across the rings can give a lace-like effect when cut, which makes Macadamia Nut wood a great choice for a pen with a unique look.

About Our Pens:
We here at Wood Pen Makers take pride in our pens. Each piece of wood is chosen by the artisan and hand crafted into our fully customizable pens. Smooth writing and high quality craftsmanship, paired with your choice of accent type and decorative color, make this wooden pen perfect for your writing needs.