Wood Pen Suriname Cherry

Suriname Cherry Wood Pens

About Suriname Cherry Wood:
Suriname Cherry is native to the northern region of South America and is also known as Brazilian Cherry. It is distributed throughout Central America, southern Mexico, and the West Indies.  Its color varies from a light burnt orange to a darker reddish brown, and tends to darken with sun exposure. Its interlocked grain pattern and natural luster make wood from the Suriname Cherry tree a beautiful choice for our pens.  Call (808) 419-0860 to purchase one of our Suriname Cherry Wood Pens

About Our Pens:
We here at Wood Pen Makers take pride in our pens. Each piece of wood is chosen by the artisan and hand crafted into our fully customizable pens. Smooth writing and high quality craftsmanship, paired with your choice of accent type and decorative color, make this wooden pen perfect for your writing needs. The Suriname Cherry pens come in several types, standard cigar, standard soft grip (smaller), and standard Celtic cigar.

Cherry Wood Pen
Cherry Wood Pen