Wood Pens made of Maple

Maple Wood Pens

About Spalted and Ambrosia Maple Wood:
Maple wood is distributed throughout Eastern North America. Unlike most wood it is the sapwood of the maple tree that is used, rather than the heartwood. Its color can range from white to a light reddish or golden brown. “Spalted” actually refers to portions of the wood that have decayed, giving the wood beautiful dark contrasting lines and streaks. “Ambrosia,” like spalted, is not referring to the tree itself, but to streaks left behind from ambrosia beetles. It’s those streaks that make our Maple wood pens stand out among the rest.

About Our Pens:
We here at Wood Pen Makers take pride in our pens. Each piece of wood is chosen by the artisan and hand crafted into our fully customizable pens. Smooth writing and high quality craftsmanship, paired with your choice of accent type and decorative color, make this wooden pen perfect for your writing needs.